Come together as a community to strategize and develop a collective plan for childcare solutions for Douglas County

Long Term – In response to the overall childcare crisis in Douglas County partner together to increase awareness, build early childcare workforce, find suitable facilities and increase business involvement.

Immediate – In response to the current situation as a result of COVID-19, expand the current childcare programs to serve more families and provide childcare providers support as they face higher cost related to new requirements.



CHILDCARE RESOURCE & REFERAL – Care Connections and Education





Brandi Medeiros CCD Business
Deb Lightcap CHI West
Kim Tyree Evergreen
Michelle Knee Roseburg School District
Steve Schenewerk Faith Community
Bryan Lake BGCUV
Theresa Haga CCD Business
Stacy Hinson YMCA
Kelly Leonard Biz4Kids
John McCafferty Cow Creek
Julie Hurley Douglas ESD
Michael Lasher Douglas ESD
Toby Luther Lone Rock Timber
Kellye Wise Roseburg Forest Products
Jared Cordon Roseburg School District
Doug Feldkamp Umpqua Dairy
Wayne Patterson Umpqua Economic Development
Chris Boice Commissioner
Nicole Messenger City Manager
Rich Wilson Abby’s
Rachelle Carter Brooks Communication
Charlene Stutz Family Development Center
Brian Prawitz GOB Media
Tony Ramm Roseburg Forest Products
Robin Hill-Dunbar The Ford Family Foundation
Tim Allen Tim Allen Equipment
Heidi Hill Umqpua Health Alliance
Matt Lund YMCA/Regional
Jake Gibbs Lone Rock Timber
Theresa Songer-Tuckey Care Connections (CCR&R)
Kelley Richardson CHI West
Holly Hill Douglas ESD
Ann Holloway Child Care Provider
Laura Crosier The Ford Family Foundation
Heather Freilinger Care Connections (CCR&R)
Sharon Stanphill Cow Creek
Don Cook Express Employment
Marsha LaVerne Family Development Center
Kathleen Flanagan The Ford Family Foundation
Keith Allen Veterans Administration
Shawn Lybarger UCAN Headstart
Henry Olivia CC Licensing
Andrea Kellom Lone Rock Timber
Jeremy Fugate Roseburg Forest Products
Nate Schult The Ford Family Foundation
Kat Cooper Umpqua Health Alliance
Leah Jones Umpqua Economic Development
Gillian Wesenberg Douglas ESD/Early Learning Hub
Andrea Zielinski FCC
Alex Palm ie Engineering
Stephanie Smith Umpqua Dairy
Jessica Burnett Veterans Administration
Angie Tustin TLC Co-Chair/Parent
Amber Hughes Roseburg Forest Products
Jessica Gaul Cobb Children’s Learning Center


DC Child Care Coalition 09_03_20