Program Overview

Business Champions for Kids (Biz4Kids) encourages and recognizes local employers who adopt family friendly practices that support early childhood development. Biz4Kids reaches out to all employers to educate, engage, and provide resources on family friendly practices that benefit families and the businesses’ bottom line.

Family Friendly employers have a competitive advantage to attract and retain skilled employees. Increasingly, the workforce expects family-friendly policies and practices at the workplace. 83% of millennials say that they would leave their jobs for one with more family-friendly benefits.

What are workplace family friendly practices?

  • Predictable and/or flexible schedules
  • Family focused activities
  • Hybrid and remote work options
  • Company paid Health and Care related Benefits
  • Childcare resources and assistance
  • Paid time off and Parental Leave

What is the Return on Investment? 

Employers: Higher employee retention, better recruitment, and higher productivity and engagement.

Children: Healthier and smarter children ready for school

Families: Less stressed, less unplanned absences, and higher job satisfaction

Family Friendly Practices build Generational Prosperity

Biz4Kids believes in a better workforce tomorrow while simultaneously supporting the workforce of today